Friday, March 25, 2011

I was not born RI'S'H

I have followed keenly the election campaigns leading up to now. Presidential campaign jingles have also caught my attention. Apart from my utter amazement at what "power" imcumbency  bestows and the ability of the GEJ team to roll out jingle after jingle, I have also wondered at the thought pattern of the advertising consultants.

There was one jingle as far back as November. Saint Obi, New Miss Pepeye and a Northener took turns to complete sentences praising GEJ. I thought, pstcheeew, "You guys are just warming up, let's see what else you gat"
More and more jingles kept pouring in and now there's this one currently running.

A live speech given by GEJ is broadcast where he talks about his very humble beginnings and how he is like every one of us. There are these very normal people drawn from all walks of life, children, market women, mother with child, professional etc. They keep echoing what he says and end by saying, "I am Goodluck Jonathan"

So here goes a typical scenario...

GEJ: I am Goodluck Jonathan
Respondent: I am Goodluck Jonathan

GEJ: I never thought I would be where I am today
Respondent: Ditto

GEJ: I had no shoes, no school bag; I carried my books in my hand to school.
Respondent: I 'have' no shoes

GEJ: I have no enemies to fight
Little girl respondent: I have no enemies to fight.

GEJ: I was not born ri's'h (which would imply that he now is)
Respondent|: I was not born rich

GEJ: I am Goodluck Jonathan
Respondents: I am Goodluck Jonathan

GEJ: If I can make it, you can make it
Respondents: If he can make it, I can make it.

I am certain I now understand the thought process of the campaign team. They think; let's get people to think GEJ is just like them. That from humble beginnings, he can rise to prominence... That is true. Grass to Grace stories are always encouraging. But, there's a problem. I know hardwork, perseverance, a good country, proper infrastructure as factors that can help actualise dreams. I also understand what people think of LUCK. That very unreliable, slippery thing that comes and goes at will. So Goodluck says he had goodluck( no pun intended). Imagine then, what chaos it would be if 140 million Nigerians look to their luck or "chi" as the Ibo would call it. Talk about chaos.

So, if you say, "I am Goodluck Jonathan, I was not born rich", the sad thing is that you still are not. But that is not the point. All we want is to have dignity of life.


  1. A very good piece. I too have see those campaign ads and thought the same thing. There are a lot of factors that determine how successful we are in live but we can't always be at the right place at the right time. Which is GEJ own brand of good luck.

  2. I hated the ads more when my son learnt how to recite it faster than his memory verse from church.

  3. omg i actually watchd that advert and felt so ashamed,lol. U'll think the political campaign ads would be better.. so local.

  4. gosh i hated it, but its funny how ads u hate stick to ur brain more

  5. I thought it was a very well thought out gimmik for the campaign, very catchy and giving hope to the masses. But that's what it is, a gimmik.

  6. Well thought out. I felt the exact same way when i saw it. A gimmick like Myne said!

  7. Lawal Opeyemi IsaacMarch 27, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    I hope that one day, the populace will start looking at campaigns that are issues based, rather thatn being caught up in the sentiments that our leaders whip up to catch their attention.....

    You did well with this one Berry.

    Well done!!!

  8. if i say, i have not seen any of the political jingles would you believe me?...pls do! the constant blackout does not help, & when i put on the gen, i make a beeline for my laptop till i fall asleep!

    i gbadun this post o jare..i tire for campaigns...meaningless to me, becox we all know who would win!

  9. Like you, I have followed the debates and all the happenings of the election. I find it sad that people at home are not all to aware of the debates or they can not watch it because of our wonderful PHCN. I am anxious, nervous, excited and hopeful for the upcoming elections. Many of us away from home are praying for a peaceful election period. As for the jingles, I love the "I believe in Goodluck" ad, the guy singing has a great voice and my husband in my head is looking fine in the ad (very silly reason but I'm being honest). Now, personally I can not say I am sure I believe in GEJ. I am grateful for him though, he has brought comedy to the campaign process via his wonderful wife and her speeches.

  10. Hiiiiiii!! Are you Ubong's sister? You look so familiar in that picture! Hopefully yes. I used to attend resurrection parish. I love your blog. It just clicked so I decided to ask!!!

  11. @Kiru...Luck is a real concept, I know.. but it isn't a reliable concept of determining your success and wellbeing. Think about it... Oh Kiru, you're lucky you have light... No! No! I don't need to be lucky to have light... I just want to have it cos I've paid!

    @Nutritionalert.... Er... The ads are shown mostly at night... Get your son to say goodbye to TV at 7 and he will be just fine. :D

    @Kitkat... Goodluck has done one thing well... appeal to the average Nigerian... er... only people like you think it's 'local' :)

  12. @Myne... Yes they thought well... I found it ironic though that GEJ said I had no shoes and the little girl in the ad said I have no shoes... So what happened to GEJ in the 60's is what is happening to this little girl in 2011... 50 years after! So the hope she has is that come 2061... she would have 'LUCK' and be ri's'h!!

    @RemiRoy... Thanks for reading.. Gimmicks are what campaigns are made of now..

  13. @Lawal... You are so right.. Issue based campaigns is what we need and the Incumbent has the most power in swaying voter loyalty because it can draw from its precedence and say, " see what we've been doing, give us more time so that we can do more" It shouldn't be so hard... See what drives Fashola's campaign. It boldly proclaims... Allow us continue this progress.. I don't know if the same can be said for the PDP led administration... But I do like GEJ as a person... not sure though about his party!

    @Ibhade... I feel u oh jare... When the power comes on, the last thing you're thinking of is campaign rhetorics... That is what we must vote for next week... Power unlimited!

  14. @Anonymous... He can be ur husband in real life!.. Only believe... lol
    .. and yes, Dame Patience is hilarious... but hilarity is really what our lives are about here..!!

    @Olu.. Yes, I am Ubong's sister.. Thanks for reading my blog... :)

  15. lOVELY ONE SIS!!!
    I feel this particular ad but the part i hate most is where they have to say "I AM GOODLUCK JONATHAN".. I hate to be somebody else, i agree if he can make it I can but I AM ADETEJU AJIMOTOKAN!!!

  16. Thanks Teju... If he can make it, you can make it, you too can be rish... but how.. how did he make it, hwta did he do, how did he become rish??!! Plenty pertinent questions...

  17. LOL @ 'rish'
    This man no go kill me oh!
    Between him and his wife, I dont even know where to turn to inspiration!
    Na God go save us!
    Hope all is well with you and bomboy?

  18. @Naijamum... lol... the mata tire person

    Bomboy is very well and I am too. Thanks.. how's the entire crew...

  19. im in love with this blog, the post in on point...

  20. Just checking back to read any postings you may have written.

    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation

  21. Wat say u stupid punks nw dat he iz winning.mtchwww.


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