Friday, January 7, 2011

Association of Witches and Wizards?..... Really?

I just read a report in the Daily Sun where the National Co-ordinator of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN), yes, you heard right, Association *smh*, said and I quote, "Witches and wizards are praying for this nation...... We wish Nigeria well, but what has been revealed to us in the spiritual world is alarming......... He who has ears, let him hear very well, witches and wizards do not double-speak........ We are messengers from the spiritual world, and anybody that disobeys us, is doing so at his own risk.........“The way some people look at witches and wizards is as if we are evil-minded people. Not all witches are bad. Our own type of witchcraft which we practise is a progressive one. The day government and other stakeholders invite us to intervene in the affairs of Nigeria, we will gladly do so. We have the antidote to bring lasting peace to this nation........ Nigeria is a great country, witches and wizards can help restore its lost glory."

Dr Okhue Iboi, for that is his name, was speaking about Atiku Abubakar's presidential bid and its futility. He went on to say, “During our emergency meeting to deliberate on the state of affairs in Nigeria, it was clearly revealed to us that the days of Atiku’s relevance in Nigeria’s politics are over"
Now, this whole thing gives me the heebie-jeebies for certain reasons,
1. When did these people become an association? Are they registered with the CAC, or which  body? And when they wrote their association mission statement , what did they say? "To protect the interest of ......., perhaps?

2. They say someone has revealed to them; who revealed? What power, I want to know please. It cannot be God, so who? You know the answer, don't you?

3. They have also said that their own brand of witchcraft is a progressive one. How so, Dr. Okhue? How? Progress for whom and for what? Is it the kind that eliminates any body in its path? Exactly, what progress?

4. And finally, they have said they are waiting for an invitation to intervene in the issues of Nigeria before they can step in, but I want to ask, why wait? Why not just step in and do something, if there is indeed power to?

"Nigeria is a great country, witches and wizards can help restore its lost glory"
Dr Okhue, Nigeria is a great country, not because you said it, but because God made it so. He made us great, just like he made the whole world. We are the ones who have chosen to live beneath our potential and when we choose to arise, including you, Dr. Okhue, for you were made by GOD, the one who made us will now help us express that greatness.

You cannot help restore any lost glory, for no one helps restore what he didn't put in the first place!


  1. Gbam! I couldn't have said better!!!
    [lol!@ the story again :)]

    "You cannot help restore any lost glory, for no one helps restore what he didn't put in the first place!" That's some super-finishing, I tell you.

  2. The thing vex me, no be small!

  3. As far as I am concerned CAN (christian association of nigeria) and WiZTAN are the same charlatan. Make pesin hear word from all these yeye people jooo, pastor ko wizard ni

  4. anonymous if you get mind why you no put your name. na so u go remain anonymous for the rest of your life even for your immediate family. obscure, irrelevant and monkeyous. you cannot blaspheme God. comparing CAN with witches. how dare you?

  5. @Anonymous, you are entitled to your opinion, but I don't think CAN is the same as WIZTAN,or at least they shouldn't be.

    @Otobong, No, don't call Anony names, remember he is Anonymous...he has no will help us all.

  6. @ototobong(pun intended), ya papa there, there's nothinng wrong with being anonymous. Like berry said, I'm entitled to my opinion. as for you wey get mind put your name as otobong, you might as well be anonymous, after all there are a million and one otobongs in nigeria. by the way my name is chuka, so if na mind you dey yarn, there it is.
    Secondly, no one blasphemed God. If you read between the lines, you'd see that the jibe is intended at the so called pastors and christians in Nigeria, who claim to love God. If Nigerian's love God so much, and are such Godly people, then why do we wallow in misery compared to non-godly countries like Norway, sweden, even saudi arabia which doesnt worship your God eh? The point is that our pastors, CAN, and we as nigerians are hypocritical.(We claim to love God, yet we are so corrupt.) Can you ototobong refuse a one million naira bribe in the name of christianity. Ask yourself honestly, rather most of us will say it is God's blessing in a different form and then take out of that egunje money an even pay tithes in church. Christian ko,Christian ni...

    @ berry, you have the right attitude, but honestly remember that God promised pator Chris presidency since kingdom come, yet e never show,
    how is this different from WIZTAN's predictions. by their fruits ye shalt know them.

  7. SMH...Witches and witchcraft association...what next?!!!

  8. @T.Notes...maybe association of riggers and in they'll be registered in CAC!!

  9. Berry,
    I think matter of spirituality are a matter of great personal choice and so no form of spirituality in my own believe is right and the other wrong. It in this opinion I hold the view that we all should be able to believe in our our "faiths" without feeling the need to fault others in their own belief systems. it should be a zero sum game but a collobrative effort to make humanity whole and better
    just my thoughts

  10. @Anonymous... An opinion of mine, this is yes...but I'd appreciate it if someone wrote about what exactly this faith is about...thanks...

  11. Berry,
    Unfortunately i cannot write on behalf of either faiths i am with no faith but an objective observer. However, I have found that the Witches and wizard do play a role in the society and they need to be part of the opne society


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