Friday, January 7, 2011

Humor's limit

I read this news report on yesterday,
"The family of one of Nigeria’s top comedian and Nollywood actor John Okafor (Mr Ibu) have been kidnapped in Enugu State earlier this evening, NEXT has learnt.
This was confirmed in a short interview with a friend of the Okafors, who said they were kidnapped on their way home.
Mr Henry Oduenyi told NEXT that he had been on the phone with Mr Okafor, who said the car carrying members of his family and in laws was trailed from town. The kidnappers have also asked for a ransom of 50 million naira."
Today, in the report of the Daily Sun, I read this, 
"The heavily armed kidnappers who invaded the Agbani Road, Enugu State home of top actor/comedian, John Okafor, famously known as Mr. Ibu and abducted his wife and one year old son, on Tuesday night have reduced their ransom demand.
A devastated Mr. Ibu, in a telephone chat with Daily Sun yesterday morning said the abductors had reduced the ransom from N50 million ealier demanded to N6 million, adding that they were also magnanimous enough to allow him speak with his frightened wife for a few seconds.
“In the spirit of New Year, my family and I are on our knees praying and begging these kidnappers to set my innocent wife and one-year-old baby free without any harm or ransom. They are now demanding N6 million; where will I get that huge amount from? I’m just an entertainer and peace-loving Nigerian who earns his normal wage by making people and their families happy. I wonder why this is happening to me in this New Year.
The kidnappers allowed my wife to speak briefly with me this morning, and throughout our conversations she and my one-year-old son were crying. I want Nigerians and our government to immediately come to my aid. I have done too much for this nation to deserve this kind of treatment. I want my family back without any harm or ransom,” Mr. Ibu cried.

Mr Ibu we all know is a very very funny guy and he has made me laugh a couple of times. Once I see his face, I usually just start laughing even before a word comes out of his mouth. Which is why I am so upset at what these kidnappers have done. How do you go and kidnap the wife and one year old son of this happy-go-lucky guy? How dare you?
Mr Ibu is not laughing right now. In fact, he is very distraught. There are no jokes to crack that would wish this situation away. He loves his wife and child. I was just wondering how that certain things cannot simply be laughed off in an ‘Odieshi’ way. There are serious things in this life, such as the kidnapping of one's better half and one’s seed. Because if you say a wrong thing to the criminals on the phone, you just don’t know what they might do. In short, humor does have its limits eh?

I am also someone who addresses issues with lots of humor. In a bad situation, it helps me to think; it's not that serious. But I know that this particular situation will not get me laughing. As in, you won't even see my teeth. Think about it; your one year old son? I shudder to think. Imagine ChooChoo.....

I pray these people release Mr Ibu's family oh. It's not even in literally.

This is almost ten days later and we have received news that Mr Ibu's wife and son have been released after the actor parted with some money. And to show you that, humor does take a pause when certain things happen, this is what the actor had to say. 

“I passed through hell; in-fact when I first got the story, I lost all networks in my head as I ran helter-skelter looking for a way out,” he said. Read full article HERE

He could only crack this joke when his people had been released and not before :)
Well, we thank God. May his grace help us to go through situations where our humor fails us.


  1. ...hmm, dats serious o, hope the family is released without bodily harm o..dis country is so unsafe..people are afraid of traveling home (eastwards) 'cause of these kinds of events! God help us

  2. So true Emmanuel, the blood of Jesus needs to constantly avail for us in these times oh! My heart really goes out to him...such a carefree fellow....

  3. Funny thing was wen I first read it I imagined he was on set of a movie and had planned d kidnap of his family to raose money from sympathizers! Wen I pinched myself to stop thinking those thots, d nexxt image was dat of him abandoning his family with d kidnappers as he cd not part with d amt!
    But this is not a film so ....I pray his family is returned safely!

  4. Meanyl chochoo get odeshi na! Touch not my annoited!

  5. lol@Keiskwerd... This one is not film oh.... I pray it will end soon. ChooChoo's Odieshi!

  6. Yay, people...his family has been released..ten days later... We thank the Lord. Cheers.


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