Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skill, Precision and the Art and Science of Yam Peeling

Peeling  yam requires skill and precision. Too much pressure on the knife and you cut off precious yam with the skin. And woe betide you if it’s Old Yam. Too little pressure and you retain those rough adventitious roots with the discolorations and all. Just the right pressure yields a seamless tape of yam peels. Almost like a brown belt. Caca, my grandmother was particular. Country hard! Don’t waste precious yam, especially if it’s Onitsha.

The yam had to be just right. I started out peeling yam like I was felling a tree until I graduated into my present level of expertise.
The yam is held tenderly in one palm and a competent knife is held in the other ; for who attempts to  perform conjugal duties  with a flaccid member?

The blade of the knife is held secure between the thumb and the fore finger and rolled gently over the surface of the back; not too fast, not too slow or the brown belt would cut.

I cut my longest yam peel a while ago. I finally made perfect belts.
Skill and precision would make you last long. There is a skill level just right for your particular endeavor and you can get it. Then such names will apply to you- skillful master, virtuoso and all such. 

Mediocrity is unacceptable, or at least should be!


  1. Hilarious!

    "Skill and precision would make you last long" very true.


  2. Amazing how u linked such wise words to the art of peeling yam...lol, nice one, glad i found ur blog

  3. @Nutritionalert....Thank you. Please keep reading.

    @jhazmyn...Thanks...and there is a lot of inspiration all around us. I appreciate the goodwill.


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