Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ChooChoo goes to school

The nanny went home to the East for the Christmas break and so I made a decision. Choo Choo would start school. The school is an American style affair with lots of colourful toys that my eyes didn’t have the privilege of seeing in my own diaper  napkin days. I like the place. His head proprietor is sweet; and I do like the ring of the ‘fone’. 

He loves the place. After the initial banshee screaming affair, he releases himself into the arms of the care giver and is off to play. This particular type of play is the advanced type. The one the house couldn’t afford him. Gadgets, teddy bears, building blocks, miniature hammocks; it bears an akin resemblance to Disney Land. I am happy. My son is busy. Yesterday, school was so stressful that he slept early. It is good. People should be busy.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find his exercise book. I panicked. What kind of mother does that? The book is an assessment report meant to be viewed by the parents and returned daily. I soon saw it. A part of it was chewed. But, they have to understand; this particular student still chews things.


  1. Oh men, where is ds skl? wots d name? Choo's having fun.. dy started using books already? wow!

  2. @Eloho dear, they use exercise books where they report what happened to him everyday.
    A typical entry will read
    played hard today, drank caprisonne, wiwied twice, shat thrice! LOL

  3. no see say I be sharp babe? LOL...My eye don chook. Yes oh, ChooChoo is a scholar..e i e i o! :)


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