Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Total Charge: Spirit, Soul and Body

I once said to you that we are spirits, who reside in bodies and possess souls. Tripartite beings, that's what we are. You knew this? Oh well. But do you take of 'yourself'; as in every part of you?

I recently made a fresh commitment. Fresh is an apt qualifier in this case because there'd been lots of attempts. I'm taking charge of my life again. Taking it back from the reins of purposelessness, mindless, routinous 'living'. Is that even living? Okay, it sounds pretty dramatic. If you know me, you would know that it appears as if I have it all under control. Not one to be living a purposeless life. Maybe, it's because I have a different opinion of purpose.

A life of purpose is a life that acts, not reacts. And that is what I've been doing a lot. Reacting. It's time to start acting. Doing what I do because I planned to do it. I welcome you to my experience.

SPIRIT- I'm going to take care of my spirit from now on. You see, the spirit needs to eat. It deserves the right to be nourished so that it can remain robust and alert. My spirit, my inner core needs to be constantly hooked up to the source from which he came.

"And God breathed into man and he became a living soul".

So in short he gave spirit to that soul. So, I'm hooking back up again. To a direct connection to the blast of that nostril. 

I intend to achieve that by;

1. Praying everyday; really every moment. You know keeping in touch with he who made me. Oh. by the way, I believe I was made. I'm too intricately put together for anything else. I have to have been made by something that wasn't made. You get?

2. God, who made me said somethings, yes he spoke about what he likes and doesn't like. I have to read those daily (the Bible) and the word spoken from the mouth of people who walk with him. Wouldn't want to offend the life giver.

3. Doing what he wants. With each successive act of rebellion, I've undertaken in the past. I deadened my spirit. So, sin hurt me eventually. I need to reverse that trend by a conscious reminder to live up to the 'calling'.

4. Giving. Not of money alone. But of essence, time, talents to help the world. That soothes the spirit. The knowledge that it has a purpose. 

I'll tell you about how I'm handling the health of my body and my soul in a follow up post. Join me in this journey and tell me what else can help you and I.


  1. You go girl!!..goodluck with that :)

  2. This is a wakeup call for me too. Time to take charge of my body,soul and spirit. For my journey I am also going to add:
    Mortification or little sacrifices to suffer my body for the growth of my soul.
    Examination of my conscience at the end of the day to see what I have done, omitted or when I have not shown enough love and then resolving to do better the following day

  3. So true Berry,also lemme add that thru it we need to walk in the constant reminder that though we make the resolve in our hearts, we need to still constantly yield to Gods Spirit cos it only by His grace that we suceed

  4. @Kitkat.. Thank you so much. My life has changed since then..

    @Okeoghene... You are quite right... examination of conscience is key.. Thanks a lot

    @jhazymn... Indeed, only by his spirit... Thanks for reading.


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