Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quirky Things About This Royal Wedding

Bride did her make up- The new Duchess of Cambridge did her own wedding makeup! She is said to have taken lessons from a make up artist Arabella Preston who went up to private flat in Chelsea and even to Clarence House to teach her a thing or two. She was reported to have disliked the professional makeup job done on her face before her engagement party and wiped it off and resolved to go the DIY route. In Nigeria, that’s some 50,000 saved!
The couple kissed twice - Traditionally, the bride and groom of blue blood usually treat the couple to a public show of affection on the Buckingham palace balcony. But no sooner had the couple treated us to a quick, sweet kiss, did screams of Kiss again! Kiss again rent the air, and for the first time in British royal history, we got a second more swoon inspiring kiss.Not everyone enjoyed that kiss...

All them hats - Lord! The British love their hats. From the fancy work of art worn by Princess Eugene , William’s cousin to the reindeer like affair donned by Princess Beatrice of York, Bea’s sister to the glam piece on the pony tail of the ever stoic Victoria Beckham, one is just left wondering if they are in a contest to outdo each other.
The Groom's royal; cousin's Eugenie and Beatrice in their Philip Treacy hats

Zara Phillips, William's cousin in Phillip Treacy too

The groom's garndmother, England's reigning Monarch in a sunny yellow ensemble
Duchess of Cornwall, Groom's step mom in Phillip Treacy, ok, he made over 100 hats at this wedding
Princess Mathilde of Belgium in Phillip Treacy
Princess Marie Chantell of Greece

VICTORIA BECKHAM AND DAVID BECKHAM    photo | David Beckham, Victoria Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham

Princess Anne, younger sister of Prince Charles, father of the groom
Queen Sophia
Queen Magrethe of Denmark
Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Marriage sermon was straight to the point- As a Nigerian and one who has attended lots of weddings, I couldn’t help but notice the brevity of the sermon given by the Archbishop of London. I updated my status on Facebook saying, “Great job, Priest, sharp sharp service, anything they haven’t learnt by now...well....! A lot of advice is needed before marriage but the wedding service is hardly the time and place for it!
The Queen does not sing as everyone sings to her- As the marriage ceremony wore on and it was time to sing the 'national anthem', it was glaringly obvious that the Queen was not singing. Alas, that was because she was being sung to and so she just looked on, albeit soberly. God save the queen, the Brirtish un official anthem goes and if it was a King, it wouldhave been God save the King. The whole anthem issue is embroiled in a controversy right now as certain quarters call for an enactment of a 'proper' anthem.
Reception cake is shaped like a crown- The couple asked the McVities company to bake a chocolate and biscuit wedding cake for them using the Royal Palace recipe( a craving of Prince William) . And it's shaped like a crown. Go figure!
 The McVities Chocolate Cake
But of course the Queen still got them a more traditional befitting(ahem) cakeRoyal Wedding Cake Kate and William Details, Pictures and Design.
Crowd throws their own party- This is one wedding in which even if you don't get an invite, you get to throw your own party and spend your money. Over 5000 street partis have been organized throughout England and people will be spending their pounds. Imagine that! This is one of the few reasons why it wouldn't be too easy to abolish the monarchy as proposed by the republicans. Face it, the monarchy does bring tourists to Britain!

Only Kate got a ring- And, oh, I forgot, only one ring was exchanged. Apparently Prince William wouldn't be wearing any. WeirdWilliam and Kate exchange vows!

I hope you enjoyed reading. If you did watch the Royal wedding between Will and Kate , please drop your comments about the quirky things you notuced too. Cheers and One Love!!


  1. great job Akan!nice observations!i watched the whole cermony from start to finish and didn't notice some of these things!

  2. omg i know i wasnt interested in the wedding before, but now i'm going to talk these two via any social media i can lay my hands on :p
    and wowzy! the british do love their hats

  3. Okay let's admit it, the Princess Royal looks like she wore the old tablecloth from the Royal Garden Party. And why did Beatrice submit to a hat that looks like she is being pushed along by a giant scarab?

  4. I didn't catch the ceremony but woke up this morning to 5 minutes to the kiss, very timely hunh? i think the kiss was very sweet and Duke William looked very enamored by his new bride. I wish them all the best in their marriage

  5. Some of the hats are really stupid. The last one just above the cake looks like a pond lily. This is the first photo I have seen of the cake. I enjoyed reading your post.

  6. While all those hats have character beyond anything ever written there is a word for those haute stylish numbers perched precariously. does anyone know that word? We ask for the word not to test what we already know.

  7. I loved that second kiss, lol...

  8. @Eni... Thank you for stopping by. This your first time? Welcome! And yes I do take pride in noticing some of the more hidden things around! :D

  9. @kITKAT... Uh.. Uh .. you didn't watch?! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!Oya quick, quick.. get to swooning on those pictures!

  10. @Anonymous 1... I thought those hats were charming.. It's part of their style over there especially to weddings... It's kind of like our gele on our laces and stuff.. Coming from that perspective, it wouldn't be hard to imagine why some British people may find some of our bogus, ceiling scraping head gears a fashion faux pas!

  11. @Okeoghene...Yes indeed... it must have been the Holy Spirit that woke you up :D

    I wish them the very best too... they sure do need it!

  12. @Gobetween... Thank you for stopping by.. Please do follow the blog for more updates... and I looooovvvveee those hats! Shoot me!!! *shrugging shoulders*

  13. @Anonymous 2.. Gravity defiers.. perhaps?!! Thanks for reading! :)

  14. can they all just fix their teeth? thanks. nice blog

    1. I believe it is Japan that they purposely make their teeth crooked. Here is a picture I just quickly looked up. There are several articles. Japanese men apparently find it attractive.

  15. really cute, and the whole photo-shoot is awesome! Great blog dear, congrats! Would you like to visit mine, and why not follow each-other? Let me know:

  16. Does anybody else get reminded of the the Lucille Ball show when Lucy and Ethel were given really weird things to wear as high fashion by their husbands and after they did, high fashion copied them. I've got to find that one again!

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