Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Planker Award; In the Lagos Flood

Planking; [verb] To lie down flat with arms to the side mimicking a wooden plank and usually in unusual locations. Activity not completed until picture posted on the internet and friends ooh and aah or hiss! (Feistionary)
All month long, it has clogged my news feeds; Twitter and Facebook (follow me on Twitter if you aren’t @chocberry). I’ve seen all sorts of pictures.
Like Funke Akindele’s suliaish pose

or Dr Sid’s extreme silliness.
or @Lagoshunter who is perhaps showing us how he would like to lie in his grave with that dangerous 3rd Mainland bridge stunt
Oh well, at least it was voluntary. But consider involuntary planking. A situation where you have no intention of planking but find yourself planked. Like the one we’ve been seeing all week long. A man is plonking knee deep in flood water and all of a sudden , he misses his step and plonk, er actually plank the water. Now, that’s a creative plank. Picture an Olympics swimmer, only that the water all around is brown, muddy hyacinth infested water.
The rains in Lagos this year have been out of this world. I have to bite my tongue when I want to complain because I really do remember that I learnt seasons in Geography. Did y’all learn it? Yeah... they said the rainy season in Nigeria is April-July, then August Break .. rain resumes till Nov, dry season begins  December till March. So, I might as well save my breath for things I can change.
The only  planking I’ll really be doing now is planking before the Lord and there can be no pictures because God is a spirit (You knew that , right?) J
I plank before thee, Oh Lord of the rains.
I plank before thee, Oh Lord who answers the prayer of farmers in abundance.
Me and all of Team Feisty plank before thee, oh Lord, Rain your blessings upon us! Amen.


  1. Planking before God in praise... hmmmmmm, i've seen a couple of those before!
    Been a while i've been here,how are you and your pretty baby?

  2. See you! Only you can turn a very serious situation like the Noah-eqsue rains into something entertaining, yet revealing. You neva tell us the kind water wen you dey drink!

  3. Nice one. Thumbs up

  4. LOL.. Funke Akindele planking.

    - LDP

  5. Loll. The flood on sunday showed me, I am still considering whether to blog about it.

  6. I was hoping to see a pic of you planking, the twist.

  7. "The only planking I’ll really be doing now is planking before the Lord and there can be no pictures because God is a spirit (You knew that , right?) J"
    planking before the Lord? that sounds very coooool..nice posts berry!!!hows ur handsome boy doin'?

  8. LOL @ Involuntary planking. I honestly did not see it that way, but it is so true. As for those voluntarily planking....Ahh! Carry go, I suppose!

    Oh, and planking before the Lord....Ahh, Berry! Very descriptive...Now, I won't look at planking ordinarily again...:-)

  9. @P.E.T Projects.... I am very well and the baby is well too. How are you and where have you been..??
    Planking in praise abi?? I know.... necessity is the mother of invention.. and creativity.. It has become necessary in this type of rain to make myself and all of Team Feisty laugh..

  10. @Jaycee... Thanks a lot.. How are you??

    @Anon.... Thank you for reading...

  11. @Okeoghene.... Really??? ;)

    @L.D.P... Very funny plank pose eh... Completely in character..

  12. @ilola... Sorry girl, that rain on Sunday was e le le... But we thank God we are all safe...

    @Myne.... Awwww, sorry, the only place I plank is on my bed when I'm sleeping and before the Lord in worship! :) How are you and book sales??

  13. @Omoba.... Yeah... planking before the Lord is cool indeed... How are you too? My baby is very well...

    @Relentless Builder... Lol... Thank you for reading.

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