Saturday, October 16, 2010


On a hot September afternoon in 1984, a beautiful baby girl was born to young, fresh-faced parents. The mother was twenty-two and the father twenty-four. The baby's arms were tiny and her feet curled up in the characteristic froglike manner. Her eyelids fluttered in a manner suggesting that she was a bit suspicious of the new place she had now found herself. Her mother promptly reached out to her and cooed, “my precious gift ... your name is Akaninyene ... because you are greater than wealth”. The babe reached out her hand and scratched her face as if to say,  ''Well, we'll see about that now, won’t we?”

It is now 2010, two decades and six years after, and a young woman--who was once that little girl, is at a desk in an office pondering the events of the past years and is concluding that 2010 has been the most defining of them all. At this time, she had also brought forth a soul into the world, a man – child this time. Ruddy-faced with hairs sprouting it seemed, from every square inch on his tiny body. He wriggled out of the womb with an attitude and a scream that seemed to be saying "What took you guys so long?!"
She called him Kenechukwu ... it meant Thank God ... depicting her mindset at that time.
As soon as Kenechukwu was born,she was jolted into a heightened awareness of her womanhood. Before 2010, she still felt like a little girl skipping through the hall of life expecting to be picked up after, but in 2010 she was a woman with a destiny to carve, out of the woodwork of life, with the Supreme Being as lead sculptor.

Since the ministry of parenthood had been entrusted to her, the last vestiges of girlhood fell off as leaves fall off a tree in autumn. For the first time she felt an ache, a longing, a hunger to be great, greater than her ancestors and definitely greater than the box dictated.
She not only begun to think outside the box but soon realized that there was no box! Well at least none without, only within.

2010 is the year she grew up and realized that that metal may only have glittered because the sun smiled on it. It needn't have been gold.
2010 is the year she grew up and found out that glory is more thoroughly revealed in the midst of pain.

This young woman is I.


  1. are you paid for this stuff you post online?

  2. Hey 'latest information in nigeria and worldwide...
    I wish!

  3. I perceive that the young woman in this post is great. you just took me down memory lane- when I welcomed my son to this earth.

    nice post

  4. @nutritionalert...I can't begin to describe the feeling of fulfillment coursing through me!
    The joy of writing is to be able to encapsulate a feeling,an emotion,an experience and give your reader that same capsule to swallow until they begin to feel just like you.
    Thanks a lot,I feel my work is done!

  5. y am I rereading ur works at this hour? ehn?
    it really needn't have been gold!
    Silently its like this article says: this is my child, watch out for her

  6. @Kathy... :)))
    Thanks darl, yes out!

  7. I'm scared...I feel like I just found my long-lost twin. I'm almost exactly the same age as you (you're a month older), I'm a pharmacist, and 2010 was also my most defining year so far, although for completely different reasons to yours. Amazing writer you are too! keep it up! :)


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