Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vote FeistyPen for the Nigerian Blog Awards


How are you doing today? Voting for The Nigerian Blog Awards has started. Feisty pen had 7 nominations!! *Drum Roll Please* Thanks to you lovely people out there who nominated me. The categories are

3. Best Blog by a Nigerian Based Blogger

4. Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog

14. Best New Blog

26. Most Humorous Blog

28. Most Inspiring Blog

29. Most Unique Voice in  a Blog

30. Nigerian Blog of the Year

All you do is enter your name and your email adress (a valid one) and click beside Feisty Pen to vote in each of these categories.

They will send a confimation link to your email adress so that you can confirm that it is indeed you sending the vote. Thank you guys as you vote for me.

Here is the


Please drop a comment if you have any problems with this process. Please and please vote and vote and vote and tell your friends and family.  I am very grateful.


  1. Just dropped my vote. Wish you the best, dearie. You deserve it for your passionate and well-researched pieces.

    Love, Sochi @a_iki

  2. Thank you, Aiki... You are a good friend and fan

    Love, Berry

  3. I already voted for you o! You certainly deserve it.

  4. Thank you, Nigerian Blog Awards for the opportunity. Cheers.


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