Friday, June 17, 2011

What Knowing Can Do To Your Life

In my previous post, I was talking about making choices and how difficult that can be. I ended by asking you to think about what was good for you.
You’ve heard the phrase; ‘make an informed decision’, which presupposes that critical information is the bedrock of quality decisions.
This applies in little things as well as in big things. Do you know that the difference between looking like an old bag lady and looking like a queen (which everybody is capable of) will simply depend on the information of what your body looks like and how you can bring out the best from it?
The decision to order shrimps at Cactus will depend on the information of your stomach’s predisposition to sea food. If you are not informed about your allergies, you could end up with swollen eyes and itchy throat on an emotionally charged first date (like Will Smith in Hitch) and we don’t want that, do we?
So, we need to be informed about ourselves, our dreams, our aspirations. Choices become easier to make when there is information. What information do you have about that man/woman, or that business, or that academic program?
I will also not try to assume you should want what everybody wants you to want.
Deep down in your heart, you may really not feel like being successful. I think you should be though, successful that is. But it’s not my choice after all. You may just be content with being mediocre. But at least, it will be your choice. So when you’re sixty and you look back at your life, you can say, with no regret, “this is what I wanted.”
 Statistics tell us that the No 1 regret among the top five regrets of the death bed is: I wish I had the courage to live a life true of myself, and not what others expected of me. Bitter is the man who arrives at a destination he does not remember aspiring to reach. So if YOU want to be successful, please be by all means.

I know you may be wondering about all the “informed choices” you’ve made in the past that took you to places you did not intend. I’ll say, are you pretty sure they were informed? The right information? Ok, maybe.

Which brings me to my next point. Since you are not the only one in the world, and you have to interact with countless others and exist in relation to the forces of life, animate and inanimate, there is a high probability that the choices of others may affect the results of your own choices. So what do you do then, you ask.  
Make a fresh choice, baby! And each time, keep asking yourself, “what do I want”. Every moment is a choice and choices come together to form your life.
We’ll talk more soon. Remember to make a choice to nominate this blog  for the Nigerian Blog awards at .  An informed choice, I’ll say.


  1. Inspirational post. Our lives are indeed defined by the choices we make. First time here and following.
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  2. This is very true and I can 100% identify with this post, currently I need to make some important choices , which I have been procastinating about.

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  3. "Every moment is a choice and choices come together to form your life." - Oh, I so agree! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    - LDP

  4. Thank you Fiesty Pen. I'm all charged up!

  5. @ilola... Thanks for following. I'm checking out your blog too. Cheers

    @Daeze.. Thank you and go ahead and pull together all the information you need to make that choice and make it. It is well. God is with you. Cheers.

  6. @LDP... Yes indeed, every moment is a choice. When I discovered this, my life changed. Thanks for reading.

    @Tammy ... I'm so glad for that . Isn't that why we're here? :)


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