Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Blog

How do you feel today? I have been wrapped up in the euphoria of the blog nominations but  snapped out of it when I realized that it is posting truly interesting and inspiring blogs that got me here in the first place.
I took up blogging in Oct 2010 amidst calls from my friends on Face book. I had written my first flash memoir on my birthday 23 rd Sept and some people thought they heard a voice there needing to reach the world. I've gone on to write these amongst many others.

Short Stories

Cold Feet,
Cock Crow At Dawn,
For The Love Of BlackBerry,
ButterFlies In My Stomach,
Familiarly Pushy,
Small Pikin
My Three Patients,
Mad World
Choir Blues (1)

 non fiction pieces

How Not To Be A Rat In My House
Dear N
Of Legacies And Remembrances
You Need Me To Feel Good
The Fragility Of The Artistic Ego
Humor's Limit
Association of Witches and Wizards... Seriously??
Correspondence Between Berry Feisty Pen and Mr Aliyu Umar
This Is Some Bizarre Stuff; Like Seriously?
The Perfect Church; How Perfect?

Pilgrim Progress on

How Not To Be Spirit Filled
Will You Really Walk Past?
Who Do Men Say I Am
Let's Paint This Town Red
The Fourth Man In This Furnace
Too Young For A Legacy?
My Mess, My Growth
New Beginnings; Starting All Over Again
Thou Shall Not Compare

Opinion Pieces

Our Apathy, Our Undoing(Sahara Reporters, Bella Naija)
What Exactly Is Your Colour (234 Next)
Madam, Your Hair Is Due (234 Next)
Fela, Not Without Honour ( Bella Naija)
Lives; Not Federal, Not State (234 Next)

I blog to
Keep my creative juices flowing- It is incredibly difficult to keep getting better at writing if you don’t write. I mean, it’s really that simple and I owe whatever more I know about writing to the blogging experience.
Find an outlet to encourage and inspire- Sometimes, there are just words in my head that I feel I shouldn’t be the only one hearing so I blog to let out the voice.
I do not blog:
For popularity- I am not moved by the number of followers, the comments etc and certainly not blog nominations. Encouraged by it, but not driven by it. I simply love to write.
To belong to a certain clique or group- I actually cringe at the thought of being herded into some kind of clique. The group effect never quite got me. I am a professional writer and take what I do very seriously.
For financial reward- When I write my novel and get it published, then I would expect people to buy it and of course earn money as a result but this blog is sacred; like a scrap book of sorts and a repository of all I’ve ever written that makes sense. I will not blog just anything to get a certain number of hits or reduce quality so that the Google ads can be clicked on.
The 7 nominations are well deserved in my opinion. I would have felt like a fraud any way else.
Read this blog and then VOTE if you think Feisty Pen deserves this
I love you for free sugars


  1. Berry:

    You know it took me reading this to remind me of why I also started blogging. LOL @ you cringing at being "herded" into some sort of clique. I know you are not a "cattle" so you cannot be herded....Stay original and unique...That's why some of us love reading your work!

  2. @Sisi Yemmie... Thanks a lot and Congratulations on your nominations too. Cheers.

  3. Thanks for collating all the pieces. It helped me to go thru the ones I prob missed in d past. Keep writing dear & thumbs up all the way.
    I've voted ur blog as well.


  4. Just started following ‎​you and for real you're GOOD! I ​​​am with ‎​you on writing for wrong reasons,all those are countless especially when ‎​you know ‎​you do this to glorify God(no matter your style of writing)... Well done and Congratulations ;)Just started following ‎​you and for real you're GOOD! I ​​​am with ‎​you on writing for wrong reasons,all those are countless especially when ‎​you know ‎​you do this to glorify God(no matter your style of writing)... Well done and Congratulations ;)

  5. Congrats. Though I am a new follower but I believe you must have deserved it.
    As for the cliques....

  6. nice one...and congrats on ur nominations---welll deserved!!!
    u just justified my votes for your blog wth these reasons...
    am off to catch up on the stories i have missed on ur blog posts....
    ***hugs and kisses***

  7. I love it when the purpose of blogging is not solely for the financial reward or fame. For me, its a desire to live a life of purpose - which is to always find an avenue to inspire, motivate and encourage others.
    I love the way you have rightly spelt it out for us your followers. Good way to go Feistypen.

    Congrats once again.

    - LDP

  8. Congrats on your nominations, and all the best!

  9. @Kakak... Thank you so much dear

    @Myne.... Thanks a lot, God bless

    @LDP.... Thanks dude... God bless you.

    @Relentless Builder....You are a blessing to me. Cheers.

  10. @Atilola... Thank you dear

    @Omooba.... You are too kind to me. God bless.

  11. Congrats! Great post. I really like how you said you blog to keep your "creative juices flowing". Before people start to blog a lot of people debate whether they are 'good enough' to blog. The more people blog the better they get! I recently launched a site - - as a platform for bloggers to share why they blog and why others blog. If you would like feel free to look around and maybe even post. I read a few of your short stories and they are awesome, keep up the great writing!


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