Friday, July 1, 2011

What's on your mind? Tell the Truth!!

Facebook asks you what’s on your mind. You type the first thing that comes to mind, but forget what is truly filling you up. Like you’re planning to kill your wife or you plan to cruise the United States with boarding passes that are not yours.

A few days ago, it was reported that a man, Arowolo Akande murdered his wife in cold blood and cut up her body, attempted to flee but was rounded up by the police. Everyone eventually looked him up on Facebook and gleaned all they could from his profile. They said his page was full of Bible Scriptures. I didn’t check because by the time I got to it, the page had been taken down.

Yesterday, a Nigerian man was caught aboard a plane in Los Angeles and has been charged with being a stowaway and being in possession of 10 boarding passes, all of which did not bear his name. 
The recent Facebook status on his page include many Bible inclined updates including this one
“Your God is for you and he has filled you with his precious Holy Spirit.”
“When I told God to use me i didn't know he'll take me serious. Here I am. Use more of me..."

Is your faith all there is to you or are you much more?
Do you feel like you want to kill someone or even yourself? You need to TALK to someone. Do not keep it to yourself. Don’t go ahead and update your status saying “Life is beautiful with Jesus” when you are battling incredible rage at the next person.

And also, tell someone if you notice that someone close to you is acting crazy. This includes husband, wife, mother, father, friend etc.
And lastly, when in public, be careful who you talk to and how you talk. Who knows who has a dagger in his shirt. *sigh*


  1. I might sound crazy but I really am not comfortable with people who quote Bible passages ALL the time.
    Some conversations require simple language not Biblical passages.
    We should develop ourselves in entirety. Anyone who develops only his/her spiritual side is not a totally developed person

  2. @Naija Mum.... Oh, how I love thee! Exactly!! You MUST be fully developed. I cannot stress it enough!

  3. What determines a true christian is the Fruit of the Spirit. Everyone can read the Bible and cram scriptures cos we all have brains. It is our Fruits that truly counts

  4. @tilola TRUEEEEEE we must BEAR FRUITS so that when we quote scriptures they match the lives we live. Even in our discussions, the springs of living water within us MUST FLOW and bring life. Its not even about quoting many scriptures but living THE WORD just as Christ did.He did not need to quote,he lived the LIFE.

    BTW, our walk with God MUST touch every other aspects of our lives,there is no divide neither does is the a secular and spiritual. There must be a convergence :)

  5. Natural conversations lead to better understanding, yes. However, I am indeed very comfortable with posting scriptures all the time (and/or reading updates of those who do the same).

    Let me tell you why: there's something exciting about reiterating the Word of God verbatim. Raw. Fresh. Nothing added.

    Now, when it comes to the character of an individual, it would be foolish to judge a person's character from their status "scripture" messages. That's a different topic entirely.

    In essence, I would encourage more scriptures being quoted, because it's the only thing that brings life when our own words can't. The word is what transforms character. The word is what sustains life and gives hope.

    How be it that someone posting those scriptures might just be trying to encourage themselves? But in our minds, we've already judged them as 'perfect' (when they are far from being perfect).

    In my experience, I've been passionate about sharing scriptures as updates whenever I stumble on something and go, "Aha. Someone else needs to see this. I can't contain this joy of what I've found by myself." That joyful act of giving and sharing is just that. It does not tell you my life's story (and there's usually so much more God is working out in the background).

    So we must not focus on the postings. We must focus on the 'doings.' It's good to write scriptures, but far beyond that God wants us to bring those words into fruition.

  6. @ilola... Indeed, we must bear fruits that are commensurate with our profession

    @ennybees...I think I'd rather say that your walk doesn't have to only permeate. It is you. Your way of life. People whao are truly living THE LIFE go beyond quoting to doing!

    @Jaycee... Far be it from me, to suggest that we should not quote scriptures but to suggest that in quoting, we need to recognise that more is expected from us. We cannot escape that... Once we decide that we bear his name, killing your wife and stowing away cannot be fruits. That is why we advocate a balance.

    You find that there are Christians who are quoting, but are incredibly at war with family members such that if given a chance, they could kill them. In my opinion emphasis should be on dealing with such strife and anger with the use of the word and counselling.

    Then and only then can that vast well of Scriprures make meaning in any life!

  7. Things are not always what they seem. People are not always either...we live and learn.


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