Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Ynaija article! The Fourth man in this Furnace

Mr Ibu’s wife and one year old son have not seen for about a week now. The actor-comedian whose real name is John Okafor said he has been waiting to hear from the kidnappers for about four days now to no avail after they had called to reduce the ransom from fifty million to six million. Mr Ibu is afraid they may have been killed.

Before the New Year celebrations, hundreds of people in Jos lost their lives in a bomb incident . The same happened in Abuja. That wasn’t Abuja’s second time of erupting in flames like that; the Independence day occurrence is still fresh in our memory.

In Lagos, we are advised to stay away from public places because there have been bomb scares in places like Motorways and Shoprite. Yesterday, a client amidst her malarial fever was able to confide in me, her pharmacist  that she had been told to stay away from Ajah bus stop because of a rumoured bomb incident.

Everywhere is public as far as I’m concerned. There is no place in Lagos that is low density.

I have just chronicled all the above events, dear reader, for you to see that the whole country has become something akin to a furnace. A furnace is like a large enclosed space for heating things. Nebuchadnezzar the king asked his men to heat it up seven more times so that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego won’t have a chance. Nigeria has indeed been heated up more than seven times for there are bombs and rumours of bombs just like the Bible said about the end times : there would be wars and rumours of wars.

For you to know how hot that furnace was, Nebuchadnezzar’s  men were killed just by drawing close to throw the three men in; an important lesson in following death-trap instructions. Should I pray that those heating up Nigeria should be killed by their own fire?
As soon as those men were thrown in, Nebuchadnezzar got up and looked into the furnace and screamed, “did you not just throw three men in?” I wonder who he was asking seeing as the throwers were dead. He went on, “I see four men in there, the fourth with the form of the Son of man” And because of this private vision, he fell on his knees and worshipped and ordered that the men be brought out and that no one spoke ill of their God.

The Bible says, “not one hair on their body was singed”, and the most awesome part, “the smell of the fire did not pass on their clothes. I believe that to be a particularly spectacular miracle as I’m well acquainted with the pungency of smoke!

There is a fourth man in this furnace. His name is Jesus. He isn’t just any ordinary man but a fourth man to three men who were joined by their unwavering faith. The guys had said, “even if he does not save us”. I think that is faith at its purest;  faith that commits to stand even when no results are seen  because it is really faith in someone rather than for something.

There is a fourth man in this furnace. There would be no excuse to lose integrity because of the heat of the fire. In our schools, in our work places and in our families we are required to be steadfast, unmoveable and abounding in love. People who love are not violent, dishonest, intolerant and all such things.

There is a fourth man in this furnace. Fear should be out and faith in. The entire country is a public place, and we still have to go out. Be security conscious but not rumor conscious. Whether we live or die, we do to the Lord.

There is a fourth man in this furnace. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s carved image. We must not bow to oppression, political manipulation and the voter apathy pervading us; the youth. On the 15th of January, voter registration begins and we must all come out and put our names on those registers. Come April, let’s take a stand and commit to a decision. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego took a stand against Nebuchadnezzar’s god and likewise we must take a stand against kidnapping, acts of terrorism, treasury looting and all such unrighteous acts in our country.

I feel I have to do this. I decree and declare that Mr Ibu’s family be returned to him safe and sound in the name of Jesus.

Jesus is the fourth man in this furnace!
Hey, guys, this article was posted on YNaija over two weeks ago. Bless God, he answered our prayers and Mr Ibu's family was released over a week ago! He really answer prayers. N/B Empathy is the soul of intercesion


  1. There is certainly a fourth man in the furnace. Even more than that, I believe there are still a handful of faithful folks like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego...people who will sacrifice some time on their knees to intercede.

  2. True that @ Jaycee
    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Hi Feistypen,

    I have tagged you for the Stylish and Versatile Blog Awards– basically because I would like to know more about your dreams, aspirations, likes and dislikes!

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  4. i got goosebumps reading this.
    there truly is a 4th man in this furnace. I hope Mr Ibu ges his family back.
    Even though i'm not in Nigeria, i have most of my family including my parents back home in lagos.. i am tired of being worried about their safety and hoping none of this madness by dem bomb people leave them as victims.
    God'll see this country through..

  5. @Gbenga...

    Thanks a lot, dear.. I'll sure check out your blog...I have been doing certain things wrong..I didn't realise that blogsville was such a close knit community... :)

  6. @Kitkat...

    Your family is protected in Jesus name... Be at peace. Thanks for stopping by...

  7. I am from kenya and i daily inspired in the patriotic thought that the ordinary Nigerian have on the fate of your beloved country. I hope you vote for the best man on april because you have three good candidates who i believe can reform you country and Nigerians all over have faith in the good of man and faith that there still a more good men and women there who want justice and equality for regardless of race, class, gender, religion, age etc

    You are are tremoundously good write and i will be reading your blog ofter


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