Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Testing the limits of political correctness

I know some people who don’t believe in Jesus. They do not hesitate to say it. But they want me to hesitate when I say I believe in him.

I know some people who don’t have a problem with witches and wizards. They say it everywhere they go. When I say I have a serious problem, they blame me for harbouring an unhealthy bias.

I know some people who think homosexuality is okay. They never fail to let me know through things they write and say. I think it is not okay. They say I should be politically correct.

I am tired. Getting a blog is free. Write your own.


  1. @Berry,
    Once again people should speak their minds, regardless of political correctness.(So long as others do not use these words to harm and discriminate against other people).
    I personally think homosexuality is perfectly okay, you think its wrong, thats perfectly fine. like you once said, everyone is entitled to their opinions,to each his own.

  2. Hi Berry,

    Ive been blog surfing and happened on yours. I particularly like this post and can perfectly understand the sentiment expressed. I feel the same. Why shouldn't one be allowed to express how one feels simply because it is contrary to someone else's opinion?
    I wrote an open letter to a known gay rights activist in the UK a few years back

  3. @thewordsmythe...I read your letter and I was like!! ..what like minds??

    I do not agree that we should be hushed and asked to be politically correct when people who believe in all sorts of things carry placards and walk the streets every time..

    The only thing that I do not like is killings and all other hate inspired actions..that is definitely against my belief. Thanks for stopping by and do follow the blog.


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