Friday, May 27, 2011

Total Charge: Spirit, Soul and Body (2)

Hello everyone. In my previous POST, I had declared that I was taking charge of my spirit, soul and body. In that post, I talked about taking charge of the spirit and explained that our spirits were our core.
In this post, I’ll be talking about how I intend to take charge of my soul.
The soul/mind is the seat of the intellect, will and emotions. It is that part of you that connects to other human beings and specifically gets nourished when you have loving, peaceful relationships with other members of the world.
These are the areas I need to get on lock down.
Intellect- For about three months now, I have been reading extensively and I’ve found it so rewarding especially since it has been the one period where I have not been studying to pass any exams. I have been learning about slavery, African American history, the Holocaust, Anti Semitism, racial stereotypes, King Jaja Opobo's role in the slavery era, the hsitory of the church, the British Monarchy and a whole lot of minutae and believe me, it’s been pretty exhilarating. Reading, pursuing knowledge does nourish the soul and I encourage more of that for you and I. 
Being well read and informed increases self esteem and it ensures that you never run out of conversation fodder. That in turn guarantees more connections  because people really do love to hang out with people who know.
Play- Yes, you heard right. Play! Someone once said, that somewhere between childhood and adulthood, people forget how to play. Play involves recreational sports and games, competitive sport and games, hobbies and stuff like that.
Apart from requiring you to think, they encourage healthy competitiveness which builds self confidence and promotes a team spirit. So, I’ve decided to take my play regimen more seriously and be more proactive about my recreational endeavours. This has included watching TV and doing back flip with my son. lol (I intend to get more sophisticated)
Vibrant relationships- All relationships are important to an extent. Wife- husband, mother- child,  sister- brother etc. Are your relationships in the doldrums? Do you go through the day without pursuing any form of friendships. When last did you call your dad? Your sister serving in Kano?
I intend to take family and friends more seriously, because I’ve realised I’m happier when I’m at peace with all the people that matter in my life.
Career accomplishment- Do you know that a change in your job could make you happier? That getting out and pursuing your dreams could maximally increase your joy? How do you explain that ever since I started serious writing in September 2010, and  getting my pieces published all over, I have been ten times as happy as I was before. Defintely not a coincidence. Time to ramp it up.
De- toxifying and de- stressing- The truth is taking charge of my soul may well involve removing certain toxic habits, relationships and any thing that really does give heart ache. If you are involved in a habit or an activity that constantly makes you unhappy, then it is time to DELETE.  No more toxicity.
Other stuff I'm planning is trying never to get broke ( By living within my means) lol. Believe me, it's important. If you aren't rich, you can at least be happy is my new mantra.
Next post, we''ll talk about taking charge of the body. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I totally agree with you and I have definitely taken notes. Waiting for the next installment....

  2. Notes taken....txs for sharing berry

  3. @Okeoghen... Thanks a lot. I hope you check back to read the next installment.

    @jhazymn... Thanks for reading..


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