Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Juvenile Muse: What you celebrate, appreciates !!

ChooChoo is one today! Yay!!! It’s been a roller coaster ride since Feb 22nd, 2010.
I can remember that day. He came out at 5.00pm after I had been in labour since 11.00pm the night before. Yeah, this labour thing is not really well defined. I had started contracting at 11p.m and it slowly became worse till about 9a.m the next morning when I was confined. And we huffed and puffed our way through till 5.00pm.
Of course, you know that process that I’ve just abridged into three sentences was not a funny something. But, we thank the Lord, we are here today.
This child has been different in many ways.  He chose of his own free will to stop breast feeding at 3 months, began eating cereals and solids at 4 months, and  as at today chews chicken like a boss, eats pounded yam, Golden morn and Quaker oats with the voraciousness of a three year old.
This past one year, since he stopped sleeping in a bassinet at 4 months, we have never slept apart save one night when he went to the in laws.
During this year, since I had him, I have begun writing, prepared the groundwork for my business, started my post graduate and generally grown up. I have also cried a lot, been depressed a lot but I think I have become a WOMAN since having him. Refer to post HERE
Some people may think, "Why is this girl so excited about this her baby, what's so special about him sef?!
My answer is , "the extent to which you celebrate and value what is in your life, the more bigger than life it becomes! So, this child that seems like , duh, there are millions being born everyday, so kini big deal, me, I think he is very special and different from them all *shrugs shoulders and says sue me*
Today has been going well, btw, my sisters went to the day care to mark the birthday with a yummy cake from Cakes and creams and some drinks ( Their cake is heavenly )  They took pictures and all but I heard Choo was banging his head on the ground and refusing to stand still; he did remember though to smear the cake all over his face..
We are having the main bash on Saturday and I didn’t want to do anything big, but I’m already thinking along the lines of Bouncy castle....God help me!
I love my life. I love my son! I love my Lord and  I’m grateful for today for keeping my Juvenile muse and friend.


  1. awww he's so cute :)
    wont have guessd u are a mum

  2. Berry Berry! Congrats girl.And you're lucky your muse is closer than your skin. That mean more creativity from your stables.
    Lol@'I have tire!'
    Give the little guy a hug from me.

  3. AHHHHHH, very touching post sis!
    why? because i feel u real good!!!
    Im so very very happy for you...
    congrats, i am singing "To God be the Glory Great Things He hath DOne...."
    God who brought you thus far will be faithful, he will keep him to celebrate many more years and finally he will say " bye bye to mummy 'cos i wanna be wth my wifey" lol!!!:):):)
    Its such a glorious thing being a mother-a life giver...
    Please have great fun o, i second the bouncy castle o...
    you must av a bash for him, make some real noise because YOUR GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD
    where is the party @???
    My first child (daughter) will be one on the 21st of April and I am so very much looking forward to it...would definitely follow in ur footsteps by writing on it and also posting pix.:):):)


  4. Congratulations!
    May you continue to delight in motherhood. Amen and amen

  5. Happy birthday choochoo...mehn! he is a big & good looking boy! i can just imagine the labour as you described it..e pele...we thank GOD oooo.. i pray for many more years to celebrate like this again in Jesus name..amen.

  6. youre blessed to have a baby, enjoy his day

  7. @Kitkat...thank you dear.. yes oh.. I'm a hot chick/mom.. lol...thanks a lot

    @RemiRoy...I gave him a hug but he wriggled out of my arms immediately.. He feels shy :D

  8. @Omo- oba.. I'm making some noise oh.. Congratulations on your daughter.. God will keep her till the 21st of April and beyond..

    I am a first time mom, yes and he has been walking since 10 months.. Yes, he's a very strong boy...

    Thank you being excited for me.. It's nice to have a nice blogsville family..

  9. @Naijamum... Amen and amen..

    @Ibhade.....That labor was something else oh.. but God was faithful.. lol...I saw stars!!

    Thank you for rejoicing with me. Amen to all your prayers..

  10. awww ur son is sooo cute....I like that he's chubby. cant wait for the day when i would hold mine in my hands.lo., erm but b4 that marriage first. love ur blogggg

  11. Cute mommy and baby, love that bib BTW. Happy Birthday to him and many more years and blessings to the whole family.

  12. Hi Berry congrats, now i envy you

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  13. Wow! I didn't get to read this on time. Congrats Berry! Kisses to the young man.


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