Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take that Leap NOW!!

I spent the later part of my teens exploring singing as a talent. When I graduated from high school, I joined a Christian youth choir and slowly began to build my skills. I soon went to College and joined a fellowship choir in Year 3 and slowly moved up to become choir head. I didn't have the best voice. No! But, I guess I was just good at organising and leading. I eventually joined a Christian interdenominational choir that organised concerts yearly and was chosen to lead solos during three concerts before I graduated.

Suffice it to say, I thought I would eventually chose singing as an alternate career. And any church I've been a part of since then, I've joined the choir there too.

I only started serious writing in October 2010, but I can say that more than singing, I do derive greater pleasure from writing. Oh! I still enjoy music and singing, of course, but I would have continued my life's journey without ever exploring writing. What a shame that would have been, I hear you say!

There is such a thing as multiple competencies, I know, but there is wisdom in choosing to pursue that interest where you have the greatest talent and derive the greatest joy from.

I once read an interview of Jide Alakija, a fantastic photographer, and sought to check out his WEBSITE and I was suprised to read that five years back, he only just had a passing interest in photography. If you know the kind of work this guy does now and how important he is in Nigeria's photography scene, then you would understand the danger of not answering those silent nudges you often feel.

Tolu Ogunlesi, my good friend and professional colleague, oh well, he is still a pharmacist, only that he is known all over the world as a writer is another example. He once said that all he loves to do is write and  is happy not to be multitalented. He simply pursued his dream and is loving it.

I read Danfo Chronicles on and was pleasantly suprised to find out that it is our own Olu Jacob that writes it. You need to read  100 Percent Increase and Deadlier than a male ! I said on Facebook that if you don't feel like laughing and crying at the same time after reading these pieces, then call me Berry FeistyPen! Lol!!

My point is that Olu Jacob is living his dream; acting and writing and I can't be any more impressed!

We know of a lot of people who were on one path and suddenly discovered they could do something well and have begun doing it and experiencing the greatest fulfillment, that they could ever imagine.

Please, please, follow your dream! It may be tough in the beginning, but continue slowly but surely and I guarantee you that the end would be one you would never have imagined. I'm not saying you should quit your day job immediately, I still practise as a pharmacist, but slowly begin to learn your craft and seek to better yourself. You'll know just when to face it sqaurely.

There! I feel like virtue has gone out of me... but I'm glad I got this out.. Enjoy yourselves folks and leave your comments about.
1.Other people you know who were on a certain path and suddenly discovered their talents and began pursuing it and are having the time of their lives.

2. The challenges you face in living out your dreams!

3. Your bizarrest dreams.( like being Nigeria's first real television animation star! Lol..not bizarre enough?)


  1. Berry, this is truly inspiring and so needful. There's little or no fulfillment when we don't do what we're born to do.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hmmm... one of my favourite things to do is talk... i had better start trying to get into the National Assembly *wink*

    Berry, its true one has to find out all the other things one is good at doing and try to make the best out of it. Multiple sources of income is also not a bad idea.

  3. I'm currently planning to go to law school, but i really REALLY want to be a Best selling author!
    i know people are telling me i can combine the two.. but i dunno if law is really my turf. I know my parents really want me to do law though *sighs*
    love the post!! :)

  4. @Maid of Heart..thanks for reading..and you're so right..there really is little or no fulfillment when we are doing something other than what we were born to do..

    @P.E.T... Talking is bringing I.K Osakioduwa lotttsssssssss of money and many other T.V and radio talkshow hosts you know... pls explore it...

    @kitkat... Go to law school if you must but while you're there, start writing a few words per day into ur journal or your laptop... U can write that bestseller you know while doing someother things..
    Chimamanda teaches at Princeton and also writes her fiction from you can do it and DO IT!! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    The only trouble is I am honestly interested in soo many things.
    Which to follow is my challenge....!

  6. Naijamum dear... what can you do best? What is that thing that you do that gives you the greatest high? More complicated? :)

  7. Blessings....

    Inspiring piece. We are all multitalented as we journey many roads to find that which inspires us to propel into the one we feel most fired and inspired by.

    Have a happy valentines day

  8. Hey Rhapsody..hope you had a truly blessed day yesterday.... Thanks for reading...

  9. Just such a beautiful post. What I needed to nurture my passion. Thanks, Berry.

  10. @Jaycee..Awww..thanks...Enjoy that passion!!

  11. Nice one Berry True talk o!
    but i can't get past Olu Jacob's Danfo Chronicles.

    Thanks dear!

  12. I came accross your blog on my cousin magazine youth link. You have a colourful blog! I also write on love, sex, romance and relationship....


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