Friday, February 11, 2011

The Power of Persistence: Hosni Mubarak Resigns

When Pharoah of Eqypt held the Israelites captive for forty years, he didn't envisage that
centuries down the line his own people would be held down by one of their own; Hosni

But history has been made today as he resigns from office this afternoon. 11th February 2011
would be indelible in our memories as the day a tyrant bowed to the power of the people.

Today, we are all Egyptians. Let the corrupt tyrants in Nigeria beware. There is indeed power
to the people and no, I'm not talking about PDP!!


  1. so good to hear that o..congratulations to all when 9ja own go shele nah?

  2. yes, their perseverance and the determination to get a better deal paid off!!! we hope we dont need to go that route but if things persist the way they are, who knows?

  3. @Ibhade...Our own will happen in Naija if things continue as they are....

    @Kitkat...I'm sure they'll be slightly afraid but they'll prolly be thinking we can't do it..

    @betrayednaijawife... yes, perseverance pays off...but do we have what it takes??

  4. I think we are too divided,by religion and tribe,to be able to unite like the Egyptians for any length of time.Remember June 12?Still we should not despair,if we cannot mass on the street,certainly we can online.


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